The Ex-Felon Association

​​​​​​About Us

                    “We have to educate them, organize them, make them aware that it’s time to unite.

        That’s the only way to win."

                                                                                                   -Carl Bryant


                                                           Ex-Felon Association, Inc.

Have a conversation with Carl Bryant. In just minutes, it becomes clear that the work he does on behalf of ex-felons is of critical important to him. The question is why? Mr. Bryant, a graduate of Kansas University with a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice, had been working for four years as a PBC Sherriff’s deputy when, in 2004, he was falsely accused of assault. He was arrested and spent 31 days in jail. He was eventually cleared of the crime, but not before he learned a critical lesson.

“That experience taught me that the system is broken and it needs help in getting properly repaired,” Mr. Bryant says. “That’s why I created these programs: to help the criminal justice system.”

Those programs include:

The Ex-Felon Association. Created in 2007, the nonprofit focuses on services and programs that organize, support and train ex-felons and help them successfully re-enter their communities.
The Repair Shop. Created in 1997, the nonprofit provides academic classes and educational support to young people, including the provision of a real school diploma and career training.
BioWaste Tech. This for-profit business was created in WHEN to provide sustainable jobs to ex-felons in the growing recycling industry which has shown a willingness to hire ex-felons.


Julia Elva

Vice President of Ex-Felon Association

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Kimesha Bryant

Vice President of Repair Shop

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Andrew Bittar 


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Carl Bryant 

Founder and President 

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