The Ex-Felon Association

                                            Come with us to Freeport, Grand Bahama!

The Ex-Felon Association

With the support of BioWasteTech and Repair Shop


‘Real Freedom for Ex-Felons: Truth & Training On The Water’

October 27-28, 2018

Saturday & Sunday
Bahamas Paradise Cruise Line

Port of Palm Beach

Riviera Beach, Fla.


Learn how to maximize your political, social and spiritual strengths!
Meet other people in the ex-felon industry—and it is an industry!
Decide how you can make a difference—no matter what!
Have fun in the Bahamas!

The Ex-Felon Association is putting this project together just for you! Onboard and on the island of Freeport, we’ll host workshops with knowledgeable experts on a variety of topics, including:

How to stop recidivism
The bill proposal: Adding Ex-to Felon into state law and why it needs to happen
How to search for and find a job as an ex-felon

We’re also planning a huge event in Freeport with Caribbean ex-felons and their supporters.


Keep coming back to this page as we update with more details!


For adults: Only $139 per person per night, including ground transportation and lunch at Freeport event

In order to travel:

U.S citizens must bring a government-issued photo ID and proof of citizenship (original U.S birth certificate or naturalization certificate) or a valid passport for re-entry to the United States. A passport is required if staying overnight in the Bahamas. Children, ages 15 and under only require a birth certificate. Teens between the ages of 16 to 17 require their birth certificate and school ID/non-driver’s license. Adults above the age of 18 must present a driver or non-driver ID with their birth certificate.

For non-U.S. citizens, a valid Passport, Multiple Entry Visa or Resident Alien Card is required for re-entry to the United States. If you are unsure about owning the proper travel documents, please contact your country's consulate. The cruise line is not responsible if you don’t have the proper documentation.

For those on probation, you must present signed permission to travel from your probation officer.

For more information about travel requirements, click here:

Ready to register? Click here (Eventbrite?) For more information, call 561-577-3430

Come back here for regular updates!

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