The Ex-Felon Association



The Ex-Felon Association is more than just the Ex-Felon Association which, alone, is a nonprofit with political, advocacy, spiritual and support components for ex-felons, their families and friends.

But as we began to work more with this community, we came to realize we needed to do more—to create other organizations that can achieve our goal of ensuring that change comes to the ex-felon and to the ex-felon industry. That is why we created additional programs or brought existing programs under the Ex-Felon Association umbrella. 

All five of our organizations are headquartered from our main office, located at 378 Northlake Boulevard, suite 159, in North Palm Beach, though each has a different operating location. Headquarters office hours are 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday; we’re closed Saturdays and Sundays—but we’re still working, trust us, on your behalf! . WHAT IS LOCATED AT 3900 BROADWAY?


The Ex-Felon Association. Created in 2007, the nonprofit focuses on services and programs that organize, support and train ex-felons and help them successfully re-enter their communities. It is the umbrella organization for all we do and it is located at our North Palm Beach headquarters.

The Repair Shop. Created in 1997, this nonprofit provides academic classes and educational support to young people, including the provision of a real school diploma and career training in a variety of vocations, from disaster relief to mentoring to professional trades such as home health aides. The classes are taught at the University & Career Center, located within Temple Missionary Baptist Church at 1044 W. 31st Street in Riviera Beach. Whether you’re in need of a job, a high school diploma, a career in the military or the trade industry, The Repair Shop can help.

For any students age  17 or older, the program offers: trades vocations professions

* A real 24-credit high school diploma, not a GED
* Enroll anytime and work from home—at your own pace
* Independent, quality study to help you reach your goals
* An accredited, affordable program with interest-free tuition
* Tuition-financing plans
* Trade-specific programs
* Mentoring and counseling on an as-needed basis

BioWaste Tech. This for-profit business was created in 2007 to provide sustainable jobs to ex-felons in the growing recycling industry, which has shown a distinct willingness to hire them. It operates from our North Palm Beach headquarters.

Youth Prevention Entrepreneur Program. Created in 2018, this program targets ages 10 to 17 in an effort to teach business and leadership skills that will ensure participants have no interest in criminality as they age. The open-ended program teaches them how to create a business plan and prepare for actual business ownership through expert mentoring and classroom lessons. The classes are taught at The Repair Shop location in Riviera Beach.

Ex-Felon Christian Civil Criminal Research Group. Created in 2017, this program provides free or low-cost legal review of convictions and criminal cases to any members of the Ex-Felon Association. The reviews also include probation and parole orders and all state and federal cases.

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